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Society Event.
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It is operated by James and Elizabeth Crouchet.
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SCA Pages  Elizabeth's Resumeunder construction
My Food Pages  Yule Revel 2001Local Society Event.
 Yule Revel 2002Local Society Event.
 Baronial Championship Event Fall 2001Society Event.
 Baronial Championship Event Fall 2002Society Event.
 Candlemas Celebration Event 2001Society Event.
 Candlemas Celebration Event 2003Society Event.
 ECWSA Academy of the SoldierEvent information.
 Queens Championship EventSociety Event. Project with James Crouchet.
 Bryn Gwlad Baronial Investiture
I did not design the PLAN website.
 Two Sugar Glider DietsWorking page
 Texas Facehugger Masacreworking page
 BG's Future Home Pageworking page

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